Seminar on State and Society Building in Georgia: Context and Challenges

The purpose of the seminar is to take stock of social and political developments in Georgia since the country regained independence in 1991.  The seminar will bring together representatives

Theresa May and the Three Brexiteers

By Robert Harvey LONDON – “Brexit means Brexit,” Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, has declared. So it must: the wishes of the electorate, expressed by however narrow a margin, must

The Easy Money Contagion

By Carmen M. Reinhart JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING – To consider the actions taken by the world’s major central banks in the past month is to invite an essential question: when – and where – will a

Taming the Populists

By Javier Solana MADRID – In many Western democracies, right-wing populists, energized by self-proclaimed victories over “establishment elites,” are doubling down on the claim that globaliza


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