New publications

Cypern og tyrkisk energipolitik

Repræsenterer Tyrkiets stadigt stigende energiefterspørgsel et 'Window og opportunity' for EU til endelig at finde en løsning på Cypern-spørgsmålet? DIIS-rapporten "Cypern og tyrkisk energipolitik" undersøger mulighederne for at finde en løsning.

Learning from the Ilulissat Initiative

In May 2018, it will be 10 years since representatives from the five arctic coastal states (A5) agreed on the Ilulissat Declaration. This report examines how the Ilulissat initiative came about and how it has affected the existing regional order in the Arctic.

Explaining Globalization Scepticism

This DIIS report gives a detailed explanation about the trends surrounding globalization sentiments. In particularly, the author uses Denmark, Germany and France as cases to portray the development of globalization attitudes in the last decades.

Stabilisering – fra intention til indsats

I december sidste år publicerede Center for Militære Studier rapporten ”Stabilisering – fra intention til indsats” om prioriteringen af Forsvarets bidrag til internationale stabiliseringsindsatser.

Politica: Dansk udenrigspolitisk aktivisme på tværs af institutionelle arenaer

I november udkom tidsskriftet Politica’s fjerde nummer i Årgang 49, der dedikerede fem akademiske artikler til overskriften ”Dansk udenrigspolitisk aktivisme på tværs af institutionelle arenaer”.

Russisk hybrid krigsførelse

I juni 2017 udgav DIIS rapporten ”Russian Hybrid Warfare”. Rapporten er skrevet af Flemming Splidsboel Hansen og publiceret som en del af DIIS' Defence and Security Studies.

Counterterrorism, Rules of Engagement and International Order in a UN Context

This publication offers unique insights into Chinese and Danish views on counterterrorist operations, rules of engagement and international order, exploring the extent to which the UN will provide platforms for common action in these areas in the future. 

Regional Interests in African Peace Operations

What are the operational consequences of increasingly including and even relying on regional and neighboring countries to contribute to a mission?

The EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy After Brexit

REPORT: "Europe will be forged in crisis and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises" (Jean Monnet, 1978 quoted by Nissen).

African futures: Horizon 2025

"If Sub-Saharan Africa’s future had to be encapsulated in a single word, it would be transformation"