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Regional Interests in African Peace Operations

What are the operational consequences of increasingly including and even relying on regional and neighboring countries to contribute to a mission?

The EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy After Brexit

REPORT: "Europe will be forged in crisis and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises" (Jean Monnet, 1978 quoted by Nissen).

African futures: Horizon 2025

"If Sub-Saharan Africa’s future had to be encapsulated in a single word, it would be transformation"

The dark art of the coup

Zimbabweans and the international spectators are expecting that Mnangagwa will put in place the necessary resolutions to construct a legitimate and democratic government.

Erfaringer med Rusland: Hvad kan vi lære af Norge?

Danmark bør som småstat lade sig inspirere af norske erfaringer, når vi forsøger at positionere os i forholdet til Rusland, lyder anbefalingen fra DIIS.

How climate resettlement can work for communities

[:en]By Lily Salloum Lindegaard and Mikkel Funder A policy b

Evolution of the EU´s and Turkey´s Security Interests, Threat Perceptions and Discourse

[:da]DIIS has released a new paper that provides a timeline on EU-Turkey relations as well as a debate on whether cooperation or conflict is the likely course of their future.[:]

Migrants’ transnational political engagement in Spain and Italy

[:en]By Luis Eduardo Guarnizo (UC Davis), Ali R. Chaudhary (

Resilience in the Western Balkans

[:en]Edited by Sabina Lange, Zoran Nechev and Florian Traune

Arctic Rivalries: Friendly Competition or Dangerous Conflict?

[:en]by Mikkel Runge Olesen (DIIS) A recent working paper by