Turkish Democracy’s Secret Weapon

By Adeel Malik OXFORD – The recent failed coup attempt in Turkey highlights the country’s continuing vulnerability to military takeover. But it also reveals a newly developed – and highly po

Boris Johnson the Counter-Revolutionary

By Mark Leonard LONDON – If history repeats itself – first tragedy, then farce – what comes next is Boris Johnson, a shape-shifting politician who embodies the contradictions of our age. Joh

The EU’s Bold New Strategy

By Javier Solana BRUSSELS – When problems accumulate, as in Europe – where the failed coup in Turkey comes hard on the heels of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union – at

The Silent Arab Majority Must Speak Up

By Ishac Diwan ALGIERS – Since the United Nations Development Program began work on the Arab Human Development Reports (AHDR) in 2001, the situation in many Arab countries has gone from bad

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