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A window on Russia

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” – so Winston Churchill once described Russia. Subsequent efforts at understanding that huge and complex country have not made it much more transparent. But Project Syndicate’s special monthly column on Russian affairs offers readers a clear-eyed view.

Edited by the Russian historian and political commentator Nina Khrushcheva, A Window on Russia brings to readers of this series the people and ideas that are shaping today’s petro-powered Russian resurgence. Written mainly by eminent Russians, these commentaries present Russia “from the inside,” offering rare perspectives on the country’s problems – and its promise. Commentators include the former Russian prime ministers Yegor Gaidar, Sergei Kiriyenko and Yevgeny Primakov; former deputy Prime Ministers Boris Nemtsov and Sergei Shakhrai; former Finance Minister Yevgeny Yassin; former Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev; former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev; diplomatic strategists and political analysts Sergei Karaganov and Vyacheslav Nikonov; writers such as Vladimir Voinovich, Tatyana Tolstaya, and Roy Medvedev, and outside experts such as Swedish economist and former Yeltsin advisor Anders Åslund. A Window on Russia explains how Russians see the world and their place in it. It examines some of the thornier issues of Russia’s painful post-communist transition: the tuberculosis and AIDS crises, the confused relations – part paternal, part imperial – with former Soviet states, and Russia’s evolving relations with Europe and NATO.

Militær afskrækkelse er ikke nok – NATO skal have en fælles Ruslandspolitik

13 januar, 2020|

ANALYSE: I en nyligt udgivet artikel fra DIIS ”NATO og Rusland mellem strategisk konfrontation og stabilitet” giver Jens Ringsmose og Sten Rynning deres analyse af situationen samt et bud på, hvordan Danmark kan hjælpe NATO med at nå til enighed om en fælles Ruslandspolitik.

Mutual Assured Deterrence

17 februar, 2017|

[:en]  By Sergei Karaganov MOS

How Russia Stays Afloat

30 november, 2016|

By Anders Åslund WASHINGTON, DC – T

The Kremlin’s War on Liberalism

17 oktober, 2016|

By Nadezda Azhgikhina MOSCOW – In t

All the President’s Little Men

5 september, 2016|

By Andrei Kolesnikov MOSCOW – Russi

Russia’s Flirtation With Fascism

1 august, 2016|

By Vladislav Inozemtsev MOSCOW – We

Russia and the Post­-Oil Economy

10 juni, 2016|

[:en]By Vitaly Kazakov MOSCOW – It

The Secret of Putin’s Survival

1 juni, 2016|

By Andrei Kolesnikov MOSCOW – Two y

Putin’s Government in Donbas

14 april, 2016|

In March, the German tabloid Bild p

Putin’s New Prudence

11 december, 2015|

[:en] By Anders Åslund WASHINGTON,

Putin’s Syrian Roulette

27 november, 2015|

By Omar Ashour LONDON – Two recent

Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus

30 september, 2015|

[:en]By Andrei Kolesnikov MOSCOW –

Diplomacy at the Top of the World

28 august, 2015|

[:en]By James F. Collins, Ross A. V

Putin in the DockPutin in the Dock

17 august, 2015|

By Paul Roderick Gregory STANFORD –

Russia’s War on Ukraine’s EconomyRussia’s War on Ukraine’s Economy

15 juli, 2015|

By Anders Åslund WASHINGTON, DC – U

Russia’s Indefensible Military BudgetRussia’s Indefensible Military Budget

27 maj, 2015|

By Sergei Guriev PARIS – On May 9,

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11 maj, 2015|

WASHINGTON, DC – When Russian Presi

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29 april, 2015|

By Iryna Holovko KYIV – In 1983, th

Why Sanctions on Russia Don’t WorkWhy Sanctions on Russia Don’t Work

5 april, 2015|

By Andrei Kolesnikov MOSCOW – The W

The Ukrainian School of WarThe Ukrainian School of War

2 marts, 2015|

By Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev

Putin’s European Fifth ColumnPutin’s European Fifth Column

20 februar, 2015|

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gérard Roland

Putin’s Scare TacticsPutin’s Scare Tactics

23 januar, 2015|

By Nina L. Khrushcheva COSTA SMERAL

Russia’s European HomeRussia’s European Home

9 januar, 2015|

By Vladislav Inozemtsev MOSCOW – La

Running From the RubleRunning From the Ruble

21 december, 2014|

By Sergei Guriev PARIS – In recent

Putin on IcePutin on Ice

18 november, 2014|

By Stephen Holmes & Ivan Krastev VI

The Cold War and the Cold ShoulderThe Cold War and the Cold Shoulder

27 oktober, 2014|

By Ghia Nodia TBILISI – The Ukraine

Addicted to PutinAddicted to Putin

29 september, 2014|

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10 juli, 2014|

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Putin’s Brave New WorldPutin’s Brave New World

2 juni, 2014|

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Ukraine and Beyond

22 april, 2014|

By Alexander Likhotal GENEVA – The

Putin’s Imperial Road to Economic RuinPutin’s Imperial Road to Economic Ruin

12 marts, 2014|

By Sergei Guriev PARIS – The debate

Can Ukraine Be Saved?Can Ukraine Be Saved?

25 februar, 2014|

By Yevhen Bystrytsky KYIV – Acrid b

Russia’s Last Act?Russia’s Last Act?

19 februar, 2014|

By Jan Winiecki RZESZOW – With the

Russia’s Potemkin Olympic VillageRussia’s Potemkin Olympic Village

5 februar, 2014|

By Nina L. Krushcheva MOSCOW – Reme

Power Without PurposePower Without Purpose

7 januar, 2014|

By Nina L. Khrushcheva MOSCOW – For

The Sultan of SochiThe Sultan of Sochi

26 december, 2013|

By Aryeh Neier NEW YORK – Russian P

Putin’s LawPutin’s Law

17 december, 2013|

By Andrei Malgin FLORENCE – Russian