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AFLYST: CPH DOX: A Gift from God: Erdogan og kuppet i Tyrkiet

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CPH:DOX is working on a digital solution for the audience still to enjoy the documentaries.


Together with CPH DOX, we invite our members to watch the movie “A Gift from God” the 19 March 2020 at a special discounted price.

As a member of The Danish Foreign Policy Society, you get a 15% discount on the standard ticket price. Normal price 90 DKK our member price 76,5 DKK – only a few tickets left!

The situation in Turkey requires knowledge and perspective to understand. In addition to the movie screening, some of Denmark’s leading experts on Turkey will join us to debate the movie’s interpretation of the coup, Erdogan’s actions, and the international conflicts that Turkey has become involved in since then. Meet:

  • Martin Lidegaard (Chairman of The Foreign Policy Committee)
  • Özlem Cekic (Social Commentator and lecturer)
  • Pola Rojan Bagger (Middle East Analyst)
  • Lars Bangert Struwe (General Secretary of the Danish Atlantic Council)

About the movie “A Gift from God”
What actually happened during Turkey’s military coup in 2016? And why was it so remarkably easy for President Erdoğan to quash a coup attempt that he later described as “a gift from God”? In this investigative documentary film, the Norwegian journalist Jørgen Lorentzen seeks to uncover the truth behind the attempted coup. Using revealing footage, confidential documents and witness testimonies from political refugees, former public officials, and the opposition leader Fethullah Gülen, Lorentzen creates an inside look at a government and a country that is currently internationally looked upon with both concern and criticism.

Watch the trailer below: