Europe at home and abroad

Is a common European foreign policy a pipe dream? Can the European Union shape the way international relations and international law evolve? Is the United Kingdom turning even more inward? Is France re-emerging as a global actor under Nicolas Sarkozy? What is Europe’s role in a world grappling with the decline of American leadership, the rise of China and India, the resurgence of Russia, and the challenge of Islamism?

For some, Europe is in decline, a continent of bickering nations that are unable to translate their collective wealth into global influence. Others regard Europe as a beacon of stability, with a unique capacity to lead the world away from the destructive passions of national chauvinism and into a twenty-first century shaped by cooperation and the rule of law.

How will the EU and its member states respond to these conflicting expectations? Will they nurture their fledgling common foreign policy in order to influence international politics? Or will they sit back and let others write the rules of the game? Can Europe export its values and legal system through the force of example and the might of its market, compensating with “soft power” what it lacks in arms?

Produced in collaboration with the Europe-wide policy journal Europe’s World, Project Syndicate’s monthly series Europe at Home and Abroad is the premier source for discerning analysis of Europe’s search for global influence. With contributions from such senior policymakers as Martti Ahtisaari, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Christine Lagarde, and Carl Bildt,Europe at Home and Abroad provides an incisive and provocative perspective on the developments that will shape the Continent’s future – and its impact on the world.

En lovsang til demokratiet!

27 september, 2019|

KLUMME: Boris Johnsons forsøg på at hive Storbritannien ud af EU med populistiske og ulovlige metoder fik et forsmædeligt nederlag ved den énstemmige dom i Højesteret. Det var en usædvanlig klar afgørelse, som næsten ingen havde ventet eller turdet håbe på: at Boris Johnsons suspension af parlamentet i fem uger var ulovlig, at hans beslutning om at anmode Dronningen om at suspendere parlamentet var ulovlig, og at parlamentet straks kan indkaldes for at følge Brexit-sagen og træffe de nødvendige afgørelser.

Befriending the European Court of Justice

20 april, 2017|

By Jasper A. Bovenberg and Erik J.

Another Strange French Disaster

17 marts, 2017|

  By Bernard-Henri Lévy PARIS

How Europe Should Deal With Trump

17 februar, 2017|

  By Wolfgang Ischinger MUNICH

“Zombie” Apocalypse in the West?

23 januar, 2017|

[:en]By Hugo Drochon CAMBRIDGE – Fr

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8 december, 2016|

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By Gordon Brown EDINBURGH – Today,

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18 oktober, 2016|

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25 august, 2016|

[:en]By Robert Harvey LONDON – “Bre

The Federalist Threat to Europe

20 juli, 2016|

By Anders Borg STOCKHOLM – The worl

NATO after Brexit

29 juni, 2016|

[:en]NATO after Brexit By Bogdan Kl

The Brexit Conspiracy

30 marts, 2016|

By Noëlle Lenoir PARIS – The possib

The Kremlin’s Tragic Miscalculation

9 november, 2015|

[:en]By Anders Fogh Rasmussen COPEN

The Return of Jarosław Kaczyński

29 oktober, 2015|

By Sławomir Sierakowski WARSAW – Ja

Germany’s Hegemony Trap

14 september, 2015|

By Wolfgang Ischinger MUNICH – The

Why the UK Belongs in EuropeWhy the UK Belongs in Europe

20 august, 2015|

By Charles Tannock LONDON – A refer

The Eurozone’s German ProblemThe Eurozone’s German Problem

4 august, 2015|

By Philippe Legrain LONDON – The eu

Syriza’s German Fixation?Syriza’s German Fixation?

9 juli, 2015|

By Nikolaos Papadogiannis ATHENS –

Saving UkraineSaving Ukraine

9 juli, 2015|

By Wolfgang Ischinger MUNICH – Ukra

Germany’s Power ProblemGermany’s Power Problem

22 juni, 2015|

By Giles Merritt BRUSSELS – It is a

What Now for Britain and Europe?What Now for Britain and Europe?

11 maj, 2015|

By Giles Merritt BRUSSELS – The sur

Britain in the WildernessBritain in the Wilderness

10 marts, 2015|

By Gordon Brown LONDON – Europe is

Central Europe’s Digital Freedom StruggleCentral Europe’s Digital Freedom Struggle

10 marts, 2015|

By Jeremy Druker & Jeff Lovitt PRAG

Growth, not GrexitGrowth, not Grexit

13 februar, 2015|

ATHENS – The message from the Greek

The Dark Side of SyrizaThe Dark Side of Syriza

13 februar, 2015|

OXFORD – On January 25, Greece vote

Europe’s Eurasian OpportunityEurope’s Eurasian Opportunity

6 februar, 2015|

By Michael Schaefer & Inna Veleva B

Investing in Immigrant EuropeInvesting in Immigrant Europe

6 februar, 2015|

By Giles Merritt BRUSSELS – In the

Standing Up to PutinStanding Up to Putin

9 januar, 2015|

By Bogdan Klich WARSAW – The accumu

A Comeback Strategy for EuropeA Comeback Strategy for Europe

9 januar, 2015|

By Carl Bildt & Javier Solana STOCK

Sweden in CrisisSweden in Crisis

11 december, 2014|

By Carl Bildt STOCKHOLM – After dec

Juncker’s Sound of SilenceJuncker’s Sound of Silence

5 december, 2014|

BRUSSELS – The new European Commiss

Romania’s Underdog of HopeRomania’s Underdog of Hope

25 november, 2014|

By Norman Manea NEW YORK – The resu

Post-Soviet Confidence GamesPost-Soviet Confidence Games

24 november, 2014|

By Stefan Wolff LONDON – It is star

Ethics and InfrastructureEthics and Infrastructure

11 november, 2014|

By Yannos Papantoniou ATHENS – Foll

Poland’s New Golden AgePoland’s New Golden Age

7 november, 2014|

By Günter Verheugen FRANKFURT – Tod

Europe’s Essential UnityEurope’s Essential Unity

20 oktober, 2014|

By José Manuel Barroso BRUSSELS – O

“Whatever It Takes” in Ukraine“Whatever It Takes” in Ukraine

29 september, 2014|

By Jorge Mariscal & Nick Rice NEW Y

Renzi’s Choice, Europe’s LossRenzi’s Choice, Europe’s Loss

8 september, 2014|

By Paola Subacchi ROME – The appoin

Building NATO’s “Weimar Triangle”Building NATO’s “Weimar Triangle”

1 september, 2014|

By Tobias Bunde, Dominik P. Jankows

A European Lost Decade?A European Lost Decade?

22 august, 2014|

By Michael Heise MUNICH – Europe is

Fixing Europe’s Orbán ProblemFixing Europe’s Orbán Problem

22 august, 2014|

By Thorsten Benner and Wolfgang H.

Neutralizing UkraineNeutralizing Ukraine

11 august, 2014|

By Christopher Granville LONDON – T

Juncker’s Make-or-Break PresidencyJuncker’s Make-or-Break Presidency

10 juli, 2014|

By Giles Merritt BRUSSELS – Some sa

Renzi’s PromiseRenzi’s Promise

10 juli, 2014|

By Fabrizio Tassinari BERLIN – Watc

Hard Truths About Europe’s Soft PowerHard Truths About Europe’s Soft Power

25 juni, 2014|

By Nick Witney By Nick Witney LONDO

Europe’s Delivery GapEurope’s Delivery Gap

9 juni, 2014|

By Günter Verheugen FRANKFURT – Eur

A Manifesto for European ChangeA Manifesto for European Change

3 juni, 2014|

By Tony Blair LONDON – Interpreting

NATO after Ukraine

20 maj, 2014|

By Bogdan Klich WARSAW – Russia’s a

The Other Transatlantic Partnership

1 maj, 2014|

By Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and U

Europe’s Security Catalyst

22 april, 2014|

By Ditmir Bushati TIRANA – Russia’s

Europe After Ukraine

11 april, 2014|

By Zaki Laïdi PARIS – When unexpect

Crimea’s Sudeten CrisisCrimea’s Sudeten Crisis

19 marts, 2014|

By Bobo Lo LONDON – With Crimea vot

Europe’s Fast Track to Youth EmploymentEurope’s Fast Track to Youth Employment

12 marts, 2014|

By Giles Merritt BRUSSELS – Italy’s

Europe’s Middle-Age TrapEurope’s Middle-Age Trap

6 marts, 2014|

By Edoardo Campanella CAMBRIDGE – E

The Western Alliance in the Digital AgeThe Western Alliance in the Digital Age

30 januar, 2014|

By Wolfgang Ischinger & Tobias

Europe’s Top-Down MyopiaEurope’s Top-Down Myopia

22 januar, 2014|

By Katinka Barysch MUNICH – The Fre

Making Sense of Pension ReformMaking Sense of Pension Reform

9 januar, 2014|

By Jan Krzystof Bielecki & Mark

Who Lost Ukraine?Who Lost Ukraine?

12 december, 2013|

By Ivan Krastev VIENNA – Karl Marx