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How to Handle an Oil Shock

  By Carmen M. Reinhart CAMBRIDGE – The global oil market is a volatile place. But, abstracting from high-frequency fluctuations, average an

A Turkish Thorn in the EU’s Side

[:en]  By Javier Solana MADRID – While the European Union tries to weather a nationalist storm that threatens its core institutions, some of

Defending Liberal Democracy in Poland

By Guy Verhofstadt BRUSSELS – Since coming to power in 2015, Poland’s populist Law and Justice (PiS) party has launched a systemic assault on the

Another Strange French Disaster

  By Bernard-Henri Lévy PARIS – The “hunger games” aspect of this French election cycle began on the left. President François Hollande was b

A Normative Approach to Preventing Cyberwarfare

  By Joseph S. Nye, Jr. CAMBRIDGE – A series of episodes in recent years – including Russia’s cyber interventions to skew the United States’

Donald Tusk’s Domestic Stalker

  By Sławomir Sierakowski WARSAW – European Union leaders are set to announce their choice for President of the European Council at a summit

Addicted to Dollars

[:en]By Carmen Reinhart FRANKFURT – Since the end of World War II, the United States’ share in world GDP has fallen from nearly 30% to about 18%.

What Liberal World Order?

  By Mark Leonard LONDON – After the annus horribilis that was 2016, most political observers believe that the liberal world order is in ser

Realism About Trumpism

  By Joschka Fischer BERLIN – Little more than a month after US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, it has become clear that nothing good

How Europe Should Deal With Trump

  By Wolfgang Ischinger MUNICH – Donald Trump’s presidency poses a stress test for Europe, for transatlantic relations, and for the world as

Mutual Assured Deterrence

[:en]  By Sergei Karaganov MOSCOW – The degradation of governance within the international system is a hot topic nowadays – and for good rea

Donald Trump’s Dark Art of the Tweet

  By Joseph S. Nye, Jr. CAMBRIDGE – President Donald Trump’s critics have consistently underestimated his political communication skills, pe

Harnessing the Politics of Disruption

  By Mark Leonard LONDON – The United Kingdom’s vote to exit the European Union and Donald Trump’s election as US president exposed a deep g

Is the Deflation Cycle Over?

By Carmen M. Reinhart CAMBRIDGE – Until the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, deflation had all but disappeared as a concern for policymakers

Trump, Iran, and Stability in the Middle East

[:da]By Javier Solana MADRID – It is unfortunate that so few international agreements have been reached in recent years. During a period when gre

“Zombie” Apocalypse in the West?

[:en]By Hugo Drochon CAMBRIDGE – François Fillon, a discreet and loyal former prime minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy, is now the r

The Kindleberger Trap

[:en]By Joseph S. Nye, Jr. CAMBRIDGE – As US President-elect Donald Trump prepares his administration’s policy toward China, he should be wary of

The Year That Ended an Epoch?

By Javier Solana MADRID – As 2016 comes to an end, the outlook for 2017 is shrouded in uncertainty. Tensions in the Middle East are rising, and p

The Coming Brexit Tragedy

By Mark Leonard LONDON – This past year changed everything, except how governments think. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the pre-negotiati

Italy on the Brink

[:en]By Philippe Legrain LONDON – Political instability in Italy is nothing new. But Italian voters’ rejection of constitutional reforms in a ref

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