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Do We Want Powerful Leaders?

By Joseph S. Nye, Jr. CAMBRIDGE – A trend toward greater authoritarianism seems to be spreading worldwide. Vladimir Putin has successfully used n

The Secret of Putin’s Survival

By Andrei Kolesnikov MOSCOW – Two years ago, a long process of growing authoritarianism and isolationism under President Vladimir Putin culminate

Last Man Standing

By Mark Leonard LONDON – Much of modern geopolitics seems to be following the plot from Game of Thrones, with many countries under so much politi

Brexit and New Europe

By László Bruszt and Nauro F. Campos FLORENCE – All too often in politics, the choice is between the very bad and the even worse. For the residen

Recovering Humanitarian Law

[:en]By Javier Solana MADRID – Even amid the chaos and catastrophes caused by war, there are internationally recognized limits on combatants’ beh

Russia’s Gloomy Prospects

Russia’s economic prospects are looking increasingly grim. Last year, plunging energy prices and international sanctions contributed to a 3.7% fa

The Post-Crisis Economy’s Long Debt Hangover

[:en]CAMBRIDGE – The meeting of G-20 finance ministers and central bank governors in Washington, DC last week concluded on a sour note. Small won

Putin’s Government in Donbas

In March, the German tabloid Bild published an article based on a secret document that reveals how breakaway areas of eastern Ukraine are “being

Brexit and the Balance of Power

By Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Britain joined what became the European Union in 1973. This year, on June 23, it will hold a referendum on whether to leave

China’s Incompatible Goals

By Carmen M. Reinhart CAMBRIDGE – As Chinese policymakers attempt to address what ails their country’s economy, they are pursuing two goals that

The Brexit Conspiracy

By Noëlle Lenoir PARIS – The possibility that Britain may exit the European Union is undeniable. For decades, prominent British politicians have

The New Interventionists

By Mark Leonard MUNICH – The consequences of Russia’s intervention in Syria stretch far beyond the Middle East. The Kremlin’s military campaign h

Islam Versus Islam

By Shahid Javed Burki LAHORE – Turmoil has seized much of the Muslim world. In Syria, a brutal war has already taken 250,000 lives, displaced hal

The Return of the Currency Crash

By Carmen Reinhart CAMBRIDGE – Currency-market volatility has been around for decades, if not centuries. Wide gyrations in exchange rates became

Welcome to the Twenty-First Century

By Joschka Fischer   BERLIN – The start of 2016 has been anything but calm. Falling equity prices in China have destabilized markets worldwi

Putin’s New Prudence

[:en] By Anders Åslund WASHINGTON, DC – This year, the Russian economy is the G-20’s worst performer, contracting by 3.8%, according to the Inter

Can Cyber Warfare Be Deterred?

[:en] By Joseph S. Nye CAMBRIDGE – Fear of a “cyber Pearl Harbor” first appeared in the 1990s, and for the past two decades, policymakers have wo

The Commodity Roller Coaster

By Carmen Reinhart CAMBRIDGE – The global commodity super-cycle is hardly a new phenomenon. Though the details vary, primary commodity exporters

Putin’s Syrian Roulette

By Omar Ashour LONDON – Two recent tragedies – the downing of a Russian civilian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula and the terrorist massacre in

The Kremlin’s Tragic Miscalculation

[:en]By Anders Fogh Rasmussen COPENHAGEN – Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is one of the great tragedies of our time, not only because of the

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